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We are proud to announce that we will be hosting another Be Social Cambridge Awards next year!

However this time round it will be a little different. To make it fairer so that anyone who is part of our directory can enter, you will be allowed to shortlist your company and by following a basic criteria. Those who have kept up with the rules will then be nominated by the panel of sponsors (TBC) and the list of nominees will be announced in March 2022. 

The voting system will also change slightly, by giving the People's Vote more freedom for who they vote for. For 2022's People's Vote, we will allow the voter for vote per category rather than all categories combined. 

We will be launching the shortlist form soon.

Thank you to everyone to who voted in our 2021 Awards in April!
We had over 5,300 votes during the People's Vote coming from 36 nations worldwide!