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A New Milestone Reached!

What a milestone to reach when it's only been our 13th month! 300 businesses registered on our very own directory! We're now hosting businesses further afield, catering for businesses in the neighbouring counties, but offer their services to Cambridge residents.

We're not going to stop here though! The directory will continue to grow, allowing us to provide you with more in-depth categories so you can easily find the right indie businesses for your needs.

Then coming this summer - more competitions and giveaways. We're teaming up with fellow Cambridge based organisations in joint competitions, as well as having themed giveaways. We'll be launching our second Be Social Cambridge Awards for next year, following a new format (more info on that to come soon). Events - We'll be hosting events throughout the city, showcasing some of Cambridge's finest indie businesses later this summer.

The more we grow, the more we can bring to you! So watch this space for more exciting news coming your way soon!

Thank you Cambridge!

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