Absolutely Crackers

Eco-friendly crackers, with love from Cambridge

Here at Absolutely Crackers, we believe Crackers are not just for Christmas.

This Easter we are bringing back our sustainable, plastic-free crackers for some springtime fun!

Each box of six Easter crackers contains four bars of sustainably sourced, single-origin chocolate from Willie's Cacao and two boxes of wildflower seeds from our friends at Seedball. In addition, each of our crackers is also packed with a joke and quiz round, as well as a spring-themed origami activity and instructions.

Wherever possible we have worked hard to maximise sustainable practices and to minimise the plastic used in our crackers, opting for sustainably sourced and recycled, biodegradable materials for our boxes, raffia ties, and craft paper cracker shells. In line with our sustainable mission, we have tried to partner with companies that share our commitment to minimising the environmental impact of their products.