Meshiko is a creative company based in the Mexican culture. Our purpose is to show you that is possible to find peace through creation.

Meshiko was born from the experience of having designed and produced handmade bags in conjunction with indigenous mothers in Mexico. The knowledge acquired in the process of creation with an indigenous group in conjunction with us, has been many and applicable in very different moments of life. Creating for them is a mixture of tradition, love and meaning when they produce something takes much more than beauty their creations brings the power of feelings. The path that you travel when you design with them is much slower, there are no industrial processes and it requires the work of a single human being. From this experience and after having received great satisfactions, we wanted to create a box where you could create with love and meaning a special piece where at the end of your own process you will find peace and happiness. (Embroidery box)

Offer: 20% discount in our creation box.