Serotonin was founded by a PE teacher from Cambridge who has a passion for education, positivity and health! Its mission to boost your physical, mental and social well-being has started in the virtual world, bringing you incredible video content from a wide range of contributors as well as thought-provoking and motivating posts to help you build healthy lifestyle habits and find a little bit of good in each day.

However, at Serotonin, we believe in the importance of building a community that brings people together not just in a virtual space, but in also in a physical space. When the time is right, we can't wait to bring people together to talk, laugh, listen, learn and dance! We're here bring some good vibes during a difficult time. Come and join us, everyone is welcome!

Our love for collaborations and sustainability has taken us down the exciting path of releasing organic graphic t-shirts! Follow our social media pages to find out more about how to get one!