"Be Social Cambridge, has dived head first into creating a space where businesses feel free and supported in their adventures. Samuel delivers what many local directories don't, a virtual billboard with no hidden prices (oh, wait, no price at all)  which, during this last year, has been an incredible help. Samuel is also very humble in his mission to help businesses, forming close relationships with locals and putting them up on the pedestal they deserve. It's great to be a part of Be Social Cambridge and I hope, as the new normal creeps closer, Be Social Cambridge can take strides in the physical space too. No doubt Samuel has plans."

Chloe, The Creative Strides

"I've been with Be Social Cambridge since the beginning of the 1st Lockdown. I have to say that Samuel has transformed the way we do small business in a year. I started to gain more followers for my social media channels, more contacts and have time to follow & know about other small businesses based around Cambridge.

All this adds up to a very comprehensive system that we use on a daily basis. I am happy to see continued improvements. Also recommend Be Social Cambridge to other sole traders."

Fato, FatoShop

"Starting an independent shop with no experience or followers can be really overwhelming. Simply taking two seconds to tag ‘Be Social Cambridge’ in my posts meant they were reposted to a page with hundreds more followers than my own. 

I have gained more interactions on my page since finding Be Social Cambridge on Instagram and I am so grateful for the larger audiences they help me reach. Thanks guys!"

Kim, The Girl Next Draw

"As a small business I would thoroughly recommend joining Be Social Cambridge.  During these amazingly difficult times, over the last year, my business has had to adapt and change and Be Social Cambridge has been there every step of the way helping to advertise my business by reposting my posts and never missing a single one!  

Samuel is totally dedicated to helping businesses like mine to flourish and offering this service completely free is testament to his dedication to helping make this happen. The next stage of Be Social Cambridge's story will be very exciting to see and I will definitely be there to see what Samuel does next."

Janet, Small and Green

"Be Social Cambridge offers a fantastic opportunity for local businesses to be listed on their directory, but also supports their social media promotion which I have personally found so valuable.  I have loved learning about other local businesses which I don’t think I would have been aware of if it wasn’t for Be Social Cambridge.

Samuel also has a passion for recognising our local community through the awards, which is so important after the year we’ve had in 2020.  I’m very pleased to be able to support Samuel in the work he’s doing and I look forward to seeing how Be Social Cambridge develops in the future! "

Pip, Pip Foulsham HR

"Samuel is simply a brilliant Social Media Marketer. His excellent work really does speak for itself. He works closely with small businesses and supports them through Social Media. The best part is, Samuel does not charge anything for his service, he offers free service to support the community and small businesses during this difficult time.


I have worked with many local directories but Be Social Cambridge is doing a fantastic job to deliver my voice. Thanks Be Social Cambridge!"

Alev, The Essential Soaps

“Be Social Cambridge reached out fairly soon after I set up my business. Since then I’ve met loads of other small businesses in Cambridge and had several customers who found my macramé work through Be Social Cambridge. 

People love to buy local is so it’s amazing to have a free service that shows so much support to local business and has a genuine impact too. Thanks so much Samuel!”

Sophie, Macramazing

"Be Social Cambridge offer a fantastic (and free!) service to small businesses in Cambridge. We have been tagging Be Social Cambridge in our posts for the last year and they never fail to Repost! Thanks to Be Social Cambridge our posts are reaching more people leading to additional followers and a higher level of engagement in what has been an extremely difficult year for us!

I would definitely recommend tagging Be Social Cambridge in your posts and following them to see some fantastic local posts and learn about new local businesses! "

Caroline, Let’s Go Punting

"Be Social Cambridge have been nothing but supportive with my small business since I signed up with them in 2020! I highly recommend their services and I am looking forward to being part of any new exciting endeavours that Be Social Cambridge develops in the future. You're wonderful, thank you so much for all your help" 

Laura, Flora Laura Flowers

"Be Social Cambridge offers a brilliant opportunity and support for small businesses. The (free!) online directory has been a useful resource for Cambridge locals to browse upon the local talents and businesses that Cambridge has to offer.

As a small business, it has been extremely helpful especially during this difficult past year. Samuel forms genuine connections and you can tell that he is really passionate about helping the locals! I highly recommend Be Social Cambridge for any small business owner and I'm extremely grateful for the team. Thank you Samuel and I look forward to seeing the great things that will come in the future for Be Social Cambridge!"

Anna, La Petite Maison

"Samuel is clearly passionate about all things small business & community. Through his Be Social Cambridge platform he is providing a supportive & collaborative platform for small local businesses. This is a great help to drive awareness & visibility to mine & many other small Cambridge businesses. This has been very valuable this past year & I’m sure will continue to prove valuable in the future. The future is small independent businesses & Samuel really understands this & is passionate about getting that message out there.

All of this in an extremely easy, friendly & approachable way. I encourage all small businesses to sign up with the Be Social Cambridge platform & the local community to follow all the channels & get to know all the amazing small businesses Cambridge has to offer."

Laura, Three By One

“I registered with Be Social Cambridge in 2020 because as a small local business, like many, I quickly had to adapt my offer due to the pandemic and I needed to raise awareness locally that I was selling weekly flowers and flower subscriptions and Samuel has been so helpful and proactive in promoting my business to the wider Cambridge audience.


I also got involved in the 12 Days of Christmas giveaway - which was the least I could do, and will happily do the same again to support Be Social Cambridge.


Thank you for all your support Samuel!"

Paula, PopUpBlooms.com